What 2 Branding Bosses Say About the Power of Knowing Your Why

My friend, an up-and-coming entrepreneur, doesn’t like using her Instagram and Facebook accounts – and she’s not alone. Female entrepreneurs have a complicated relationship with self-promotion and brand building according to a study from the University of Portsmouth. 

Yet, many entrepreneurs start as solopreneurs, and business growth depends on the founder’s ability to market the company and themselves. 

Two branding bosses share some useful advice for new entrepreneurs who fear branding and self-promotion, and it all boils down to knowing your why or being able to identify your purpose for starting (and sustaining) a business. 

Karita Beard, mindset and marketing mentor, says “You have to truly know yourself before anything else” because there’s no competition when you have your unique brand. 

She also stresses that knowing yourself is the best starting point because “when you and your brand are aligned, you’ll have way more fun.” For example, Go-To, a beauty brand run by Zoe Foster Blake has a fun peachy colour palette and equally punny Instagram account that takes after the founder’s bright personality.

Krista Tier, a high-performance specialist and business strategist, talks about worrying about the why in your business first before the what and how. In her recent Instagram story, she reflects that in her fourteen years of business, what lights her up is helping other people. Whether she was in the beauty industry or now in the coaching industry, the common thread for her is contributing to other people’s happiness and growth. She shared that her parents told her “that if you’re passionate about something, monetisation will become the by-product”.

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