Success Resources’ List of What To Do When in Self Quarantine

As COVID-19 closes more schools and business, and affects more lives, we’ve put together a page that will continue to be updated to help people find resources to grow their mind and manage their emotional needs during this difficult time.

Updated as of 27 March 2020

  1. Become Financially Literate and Secure

If you’re already trying to make financial decisions with fear, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Take a step back and think of long-term solutions for yourself and your business. Here are some resources: 

  • On his YouTube channel, Grant Cardone advises to plan, prepare and commit to expansion, versus to panic.
  • Don’t do anything financially drastic without understanding its long-term repercussions for you and your family. Graeme Holm, cuts through people’s opinions and gives you the facts on how to manage your money during these times of crisis. He regularly has (free and paid) webinars.
  • Turn a page and finally finish your books at home. Some financial literacy books to get your basics covered: “Richest Man in Babylon” – George Samuel Clason, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki, “Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

2. Learn something new

Jim Kwik says the trick for learning something is to learn with a beginner’s mind which is more teachable and receptive to new ideas. Here are some ideas of what you can learn now:

  • For English speakers, there are 35 languages available to learn for free on DuoLingo.
  • Learn a subject or skill faster with the help of memory expert, Jim Kwik.
  •  There are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free.
  • Want to upskill for your job or business? Get personalised learning via LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda). Whether you want to learn more about honing your skills in Excel, copywriting, creating Facebook Ads or utilising SEO and SEM, these practical courses will help you master your craft.

3. Create positive energy

As the adage goes “you are what you eat”. Police yourself with what you’re consuming online. If you put negative messages in, you’ll feel negative and anxious too. Be a thoughtful consumer of news/social media/word of mouth information and think critically of what to believe and who follow. Here are some resources to feed your soul with positivity.

  • Our audience has watched a million hours of content on our Success Resources Australia YouTube Channel – learning and getting inspired from the personal development greats such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Vaynerchuk and more.
  • Have a visual feast. Take a virtual tour of hundreds of museums with Google’s Arts and Culture Page
  • Listen to Podcasts:
    • The Tony Robbins Podcast – One of the best motivational podcasts today by the #1 Life and Business Strategist, Tony Robbins. This podcast is updated every 2-3 weeks.
    •  On Purpose with Jay Shetty – Former monk, Jay Shetty, aims to make everyday wisdom go viral. This podcast is updated twice a week.
    • Success Resources Podcast – Learn the secrets to success from the best motivational and business speakers in the world. This podcast is updated fortnightly.
    •  Impact Theory Podcast – Hear Tom Bilyeu’s in-depth interviews with the world’s best achievers to learn their secrets to reaching human potential. This podcast is updated weekly.
    •    Gary Vee Podcast – Get a mix of business and marketing advice, and life truths from Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and entrepreneur. This podcast is updated daily.

4. Manage your thoughts and emotions

Stop, reflect and work on yourself. Now is the time to take a deep breath and listen to what’s important for you and your family, not what’s important for the masses. Here are some tips to manage your thoughts and energy, and connect with yourself:

  • If you’re feeling exhausted because of your emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, unlock your source of energy and connect with what you’re deeply grateful for. Learn Tony Robbins’ 10-minute priming exercise.
  •  If you’re feeling stressed. Learn the Wim Hof breathing method to regulate your biochemistry.
  • If you don’t feel inspired, play an instrument. You’re giving your brain a ‘full-body workout’. This helps your brain solve problems creatively. TED-ED explanation here.
  • You only need a quiet space for you to put your mind at ease with meditation. There are many meditation apps available. We recommend Calm and Headspace
  • Michael Crossland’s Best Version of Yourself is an online course that helps people become more resilient through mindset exercises and techniques.
  • If you’re WFM these days, you might be “working-out-from-home” too because of some gym closures. Training Apps like Nike Training  Club and Sweat teach you how to utilise your space at home for your workout.

5. Stay connected

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disconnection. Here are some ways to reach out to the community.

  • Stay connected to the community – communicate on the Success Resources social channels.
  • Host a video call to catch up with friends, colleagues and family. Sometimes just a weekly ‘hello’ goes a long way.
  • Send a loved one a note to say how much you appreciate them. Experiment with designing e-cards on design tool, Canva

Thanks for reading this list of resources from Success Resources. Do you have any suggestions? Write it in the comments.

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