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6 Keys to Sara Blakely’s Success

“An idea is the most vulnerable in the moment.” A billion-dollar idea can die if you let ego in the way. This is why Spanx founder, Sara Blakely, didn’t tell her friends and family about her shapewear idea for a year. She chose to do the work to pursue the idea, instead of defending the… Read more »

SR’s Virtual 501s

This event is finished. Let’s stay positive together. Description Come hang out while observing social distancing. Grab a drink (optional), connect with SR staff and learn from SR’s Director on how to WFM effectively and tips on how to mitigate fear and anxiety around a global epidemic. Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection. SR will… Read more »

Extraordinary Leadership In Uncertain Times

Leaderships tips from Success Resources’ CEO Several years ago, I was conducting a large Leadership training in the Middle East and I was talking about the positive and negative emotional impact leaders can have on their teams. As I was talking, a lady in the crowd of about 1,000 people raised her hand and asked… Read more »