Best Kim Kiyosaki Quotes from Financial Mastery

When Kim Kiyosaki, co-founder of the Rich Dad Company, was a young girl, her mother told her ‘If you don’t want to spend your life in a kitchen, don’t learn how to cook.’ Which means don’t stereotype yourself as a woman. Don’t put yourself in a box; chase your dreams.

Now, 24 years later as a passionate financial educator, she shares 12 quotes of valuable lessons about money and creating the life you want at the Financial Mastery Virtual Seminar hosted by Success Resources.

  1. One of the key lessons in entrepreneurship is that you have to be committed to your mission. And the mission of an entrepreneur is to solve problems.
  2. I thought cashflow was money that flowed out of your pocket; it was a revelation to learn that there are assets that will put money in your pocket without you working.
  3. Not having the money forces you think. Not having any money in my first deals forced me how to be creative to create the money. Never let the excuse of ‘I don’t have the money’ stop you from doing what you want to do – that’s my golden rule.
  4. I’m not one to look top or bottom of the market. I’m just looking for a good deal.
  5. You have to look for an opportunity and keep an open mind.  Look at the world differently. I can’t control the government and the world economic situation, but I can control my destiny and my own economy.
  6. When it comes to investing, you got to kiss a lot of frogs. But I want to learn from people who are doing it…from experts.
  7. The more educated you get today – entrepreneurial, personal and financial education – the more you can take advantage of opportunities when they come. Because I know for me, the mindset gets in my way more than anything else.
  8. Keep it simple. The formula for cash flow is income – debt – expenses. 
  9. The more I know, the more I ask.
  10. Never stop learning. It’s more important than ever before to invest in your financial education. You have to be prepared for whatever is coming. 
  11. Be open to feedback when you’re investing, starting a project or using social media for your business.  For example, when Segway was coming out, it was so hyped up. When it came out, no one used it. When you’re posting on social media, and it gets no reaction, that’s also feedback. Take that feedback on and tweak your strategy.
  12. It’s time for women empowerment. I heard this quote ‘here’s to financially independent women — may we know it, become them and raise them’