Adversity, character, and going the distance with Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson is the founder of Stashd, a company bridging the gap between Western brands and Chinese millennials. What really stands out about Jessica is her ability to not only handle the ups and downs of entrepreneurship but manage to sharpen her business skills in the midst of adversity. In this episode Jessica shares how you can prepare for adversity, assess your level of comfort with risk, develop your character, and gain the attention of anyone you would like to by using a simple “20% more approach” which Jessica explains through a real world example, leveraging champagne and balloons. This episode is full of practical yet powerful takeaways from a thriving entrepreneur.

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  1. You must develop a stomach to withstand the volatility as an entrepreneur
  2. If you push 10-20% further than others, you’ll get an exponential return
  3. Adversity is a necessary ingredient for developing resilient character